Access Dental

A New Direction in Dentistry Allow us to look after your general dental needs, we welcome you, your family and friends to a relaxing, gentle dental experience.

Our team strongly advocates prevention of tooth decay and gum disease through early intervention and education, as it is the least traumatic and most cost effective way to discourage preventable diseases of the mouth.

How do we do this? Through regular examinations of the teeth, soft tissues and the bone structure of the mouth.

The Access Dental Team has more than 50 years combined experience, we have an emphasis on sharing knowledge to ensure our patients can make informed choices concerning their oral health. We strongly advocate prevention through education and invite our loyalty members to free educational tutorials.

Access Dental provides accessible oral care for all, with longer and variable appointments available, affordability through our loyalty programmes, free parking and wheel chair access.

Phone: 03 548 3971

Address: 122 Kawai Street, Nelson