Quin Dental

Our mission is to provide excellence and innovation in dental health for all of our clients, and to have a positive impact on our staff and community. General and orthodontic dentistry, hygiene services, sleep and jaw issues.

We treat the whole person. Late night Thursday and Saturday mornings by appointment. Quin Dental was founded on the philosophy of providing the very best dental care for the whole person. We have expertise in preventative options for the young, including early interceptive orthodontics, right through ensuring the right preventions and more complex restorative solutions required as we get older. We are also able to provide expertise in the medical/dental crossover areas, such as temporo-mandibular disorders and sleep apnoea.

Our friendly and professional staff are trained to think about the whole person; and provide care with warmth, empathy and respect. We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone who visits Quin Dental experiences excellent treatment and service, with innovative methods of dentistry following a natural care model. By bringing a smile to our client's faces we aim to change lives.

Phone: 03 928 0121

Address: 14 New St, Nelson