Pics Peanut Butter World

A tour of Pics Peanut Butter Factory will be a highlight of your visit to Nelson.

Join a small group of peanut butter enthusiasts from all around the world to hear the Pic’s story, learn all about our peanuts and watch as nuts tumble out of the roaster and feed into the grinder. Marvel as peanut butter pours from the grinder and gets squirted into jars!

Rattling conveyors carry the jars through lidders and labeller’s for cartoning and stacking on pallets for forklifts to load onto trucks.

After the tour, the kids get to have a go at making their own peanut butter too while the adults have a taste of Pic’s almond and cashew butters and poke through our international collection of peanut butters, mementos and the world's widest range of Pic's Products.

Phone: 03 544 8402

Address: 49 Saxton Rd, Stoke