Mon, Jun 28, 2021 12:16 PM

A Day in the Life of Rose Campbell


Staff Reporter

Rose Campbell is the co-creative director of Nelson Arts Festival. She has recently made the move over from Wellington and is loving her new temporary home on the edge of the Maitai.

6am Mōrena Whakatū! I start my day with a fresh brew of coffee.

7am Awa Maitai:. Morning walk along the riverbank with my dog Frankie who’s been champing at the bit to get out and about. It’s a crisp late-autumn morning, the leaves are red-gold underfoot, and the river is glassy and inviting. The sea birds are having a morning preen session, and a solitary kāruhiruhi darts in after a shoal of passing aua...ka rawe! I could get used to this life.

7.30am Regular morning phone check-in with my daughter Abi in Wellington, with a bowl of hot oats on the side.

8.15am On the way up Trafalgar Street to our new pop-up office in Morrison Square. I’m loving the new Nelson City Centre ArtWalk project and pause as I pass Jane Evans’ Ladies Day work which reminds me always of the colours of her gorgeous Russell Street home.

8.30am A quick diversion to pick up a flat white from Pomeroy’s down the lane – important part of the morning routine.

9am Once settled at the office Shanine and I launch into catch up and planning time. We’re working through our festival timeline and how we’re tracking. We have much to achieve in a short space of time – prioritisation is key.

10am Zoom team meeting with our colleague Lydia in Tāmaki Makaurau has a full agenda. There’s a lot to cover today as we’re getting close to finalising the programme for our 21 – 31 October event.

12pm Planning meeting at Morrison café with Tatsiana Chypsanava, a hugely talented local photographer who we’ll be working with for one of our key education projects. Lots of ideas bouncing around and we leave the meeting feeling very inspired by new ideas and the connections made.

1.30pm My quick lunch break is centered on a sourdough and mushroom sandwich treat from Arden’s Porta Via. Highly recommended.

2pm Back in the office and cracking the final stages of one of the many funding proposals.

4.30pm After a final check and upload, I hit the send button and do a small dance of joy - ahead of deadline by 24 hours, woohoo! It’s these small moments.

5.30pm Walk up the port hills and early dinner with my Nelson whānau – my daughter Harriet, husband Boyd and two-year-old Rupert. Highlight of the day is hearing about Rupert’s very busy day at Busy Bees ... followed by many rounds of the current favourite dinosaur song which is now permanently in my head.

8pm We pop down the hill to catch one of the final screenings of Cousins at State Cinemas. It’s my second viewing, but I’m just as moved by the exquisite telling of this story as I was the first time.

10.30pm Pō marie...Frankie barks her final farewells to the moon and the stars. The end of another day well spent in our new hometown.

Written for Nelson Magazine

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