Tue, Dec 28, 2021 7:37 AM

Appleby School students working toward river health

Jessie Henderson is one of the students from Appleby School who helped clean up the Waimea River. Photo: Jenny Nicholson.

Jenny Nicholson

Microwaves are the most unusual rubbish the Appleby School students have found in their clean-up of Waimea River, but the quantity of plastic found concerns them more.

Student Jessie Henderson, 11, says they originally went to the river to check water quality but found so much litter that they now do a clean-up once a term.

Food wrappers, animal bones and plastic bags are all collected and taken away.

“The first time we went we found heaps,” says Jessie.

“The best part is seeing how much we have helped because there is less rubbish.”

She says helping the environment makes her feel good inside.

Ten-year-old James Mollet says he has really enjoyed connecting with the outdoors.

The students found where there is no shade, the water is devoid of some species of insects. Because these insects increase the healthiness of the water, the students plan to provide shade by planting trees along a section of the riverbank.

They are asking for donations of trees, money, spades and shovels. If you would like to contribute to their river care project, please email the school on admin@appleby.school.nz