Wed, Dec 29, 2021 6:17 AM

Garrick’s story helps RDA

Garrick Batten with his book about cats that has raised funds for RDA. Photo: Jenny Nicholson.

Jenny Nicholson

Garrick Batten’s books is about cats, but the proceeds are going to benefit horses at Riding for the Disabled (RDA).

Garrick describes his book ‘Nine Lives and Lessons’ as a story for children to help give them perspective on life.

It follows the life of one boy and his cat Pockley, with the cat’s nine lives providing life lessons for his owner.

Garrick hopes the book is something that grandparents can share with their grandchildren.

As a grandfather himself, Garrick realised the benefit Riding for the Disabled has been to his grandson. He and the RDA teamed up for a recent visit to Summerset Richmond Ranges, to show residents what the organisation does.

Sales from the book has helped raise funds for RDA and those who purchased his book were offered a tour of the organisation.

Garrick’s generosity hasn’t just raised money for Riding for the Disabled, it has meant more volunteers.

As a girl, Cynthia Batt had a horse. For a few years she had been thinking of volunteering at RDA and the trip has motivated her to look into it.

“As an ex-nurse and a farm girl who had a horse it seems RDA fits,” she says. “And it’s only a 10-minute walk away.”

From the eight people who toured RDA, there are two looking into volunteering.

Cynthia has a great grandson in mind to give the book to.

Garrick hopes that there can also be similar visits to other local retirement complexes.