Wed, Dec 22, 2021 6:46 AM

Marty's long-awaited dream

Marty Kain will debut for the USA cricket team against Ireland tonight. Photo: File.

Jonty Dine

Marty Kain’s cricketing career has always been untraditional

With his dream of playing international cricket seemingly over, Marty packed his bags and moved to San Diego in 2017 to take an indefinite break from the game.

After getting established in the U.S.A., Marty did some coaching to support him and his wife while she studied.

An hour a week slowly snowballed into a full-time career and eventually saw Marty pulling the pads back on.

With the pressure off, Marty began to enjoy his cricket more than he had in a long time and it showed in his performance.

This would not go unnoticed by national selectors and now at 33-years-old, Marty will make his international debut for his adopted country tomorrow night.

The U.S.A will take on Ireland in three ODI’s and two T20I’s this month, the first time the states has played host to a top tier nation.

“It is pretty random, but something I have always wanted to do so after a long time, it will be pretty awesome.”

He says after first moving to San Diego, he had no intention of playing the gamne he had spent the past 20 years dedicated to.

“I didn’t plan to have anything to do with cricket.”

However, he was finally “roped back in.”

“I was like ‘sure let’s give this a whirl,’ and before I knew it was back to being fully competitive.”

Marty says it is a huge occasion for U.S.A. cricket.

“Ireland is a proper team, so this is a really good step in the right direction.”

He says the side will be no pushovers.

“These guys are no joke and certainly have skills. If they perform to their ability, we can compete.”

The former Central Districts allrounder says cricket in the United States is played on everything from concrete pitches to outfields that are too long for sheep to graze on.

“You need to keep an open mind and be prepared to play on all sorts of wickets.”

However, though they may lack the resources, the passion for the game is on par with any country in the world.

“It is next level, these guys just genuinely love cricket and play with no excuses.”

It hasn’t been an easy journey for Marty, who arrived in California with no money or experience with the culture.

“Trying to restart life was not easy, it is bit of a rat race and I got kicked to the curb a few times so to overcome it all was pretty rewarding.”