Sun, Jun 9, 2024 2:00 PM

Joining together in harmony


Anne Hardie

Summerset Richmond Ranges retirement village is alive with the sound of music as keen choristers join in harmony to form its own choir.

The village has line dancing and hosts musicians regularly, but the urge to sing has brought about 25 residents together and now they need a director to lead the way.

Activities director, Sarah Poepjes, says neighbouring Summerset in the Sun has a choir which sang at the Richmond village and that prompted residents from the villas and serviced apartments to unite through their love of music.

“It’s a really diverse group which is good to see because it’s about building relationships,” she says. “Music definitely brings people together.”

The choir, which is yet to find its name, has had a couple of sessions, but Sarah says it really needs a director with the skills to lead the choristers.

“A director will make a big difference. They’ve been looking to me to lead it, but I would only sing in the shower and that is about that!”

The choir is for anyone who wants to sing and not just those who can sing.

“That’s the philosophy of Summerset in the Sun and we’ve taken that on board.”

Chorister Lesley O’Rourke says the establishment of the choir is about a shared love of music and it simply “makes you feel good” to sing.

While popular songs from musical productions through the decades will be popular, Six60’s more recent Kiwi classic, Pepeha, has already been picked as a song for the choir.

All they need now, is someone to direct their singing.

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