Thu, Mar 14, 2024 5:30 AM

Sponsored Post: Heigh ho Heigh ho, off to a new shop we go



Providing specialist services to the region for over three decades, Richmond Exhaust and Radiator Specialists are about to embark on a new chapter at a swanky new site on Main Road, Hope. "We have outgrown the current shop,” says owner Bradley Evans. “We need more space and better access to keep doing what we do.”

Bradley proudly carries forward the legacy initiated by his parents, Barry and Linda, who laid the foundation stones of this automotive business back in 1993. With his wife Malita and his sister Sharlane working alongside, Bradley says this is part of what continues to fuel his passion for the industry.

The new Main Rd Hope site offers a host of opportunities. With a significantly larger premises, the business can now expand its services and accommodate more substantial commercial projects, and continue to offer a comprehensive array of services, catering to all automotive needs. “We also offer full support for classic car engine upgrades and conversions, mig and tig welding, and work on all exhausts and radiators whether custom, factory, vintage and more - along with all LVV Certification work.” Richmond Exhaust and Radiator Specialists is not just ‘the best place to take a leak’, as their tagline suggests, it's a testament to the dedication of its team.

The passion runs deep throughout the family as Bradley himself has an extensive history with all thing's ‘motorsport’, his parents met at the stockcars in the 70’s, Malita has a Valiant and an early V8 Falcon, and Sharlane even has two vintage Chryslers of her own. "It is always a highlight to keep a small family-owned and operated business going and to provide our services to the industry, along with getting to work on some of the most incredible cars ever built and being trusted with the cars to do so!

“Many incredible customers have become friends over the years, and being able to share and teach my children hands-on what I do adds an extra layer of fulfilment.

We are true fanatics with years of experience with classic cars, offroad racing, speedway, and circuit racing. “We love all cars and have rebuilt and rescued many over the years! We are car enthusiasts – this isn't just a job for us!”

Acknowledging all of their wonderful supporters, Bradley says that he and the team are forever grateful for the ongoing backing from the community. “To everyone, from our garages and everyday customers, and all the commercial contractors and logging crews for their support year after year.

“To my incredible wife Malita holding down the fort while I've spent countless hours getting the new shop ready, my amazing work team, my fantastic mates and colleagues that have all given their spare time and expertise to help in any way they can, my biggest thank you to you all!”
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